Sunday, May 25, 2008

Magician Terry Jensen - Google Video

magic terry jensen - Google Video

Terry is a great friend of mine. Very instrumental on assembling
The 10 Principles eBook ... What? You DON'T have it?
I specifically made it VERY inexpensive so you could get one!

remember: money back if you think it sucks... !!!

Terry has been doing magic for many years. In fact,
he has studied everything, has every book (and can quote
page and verse on most things...)

He called me up one day and asked me if I knew any
young kids who want to be in a video he's shooting. We both laughed for a minute until I realized he was serious!

Notice in the film that when the band starts singing, people aren't paying attention. When the magician comes in, then the fun is had, and the band is being heard by the crowd.
Watch Terry as he steals 2 things: a watch, and a necklace.

By the way, he really can steal that stuff. He does a pick-pocket show that is truly amazing.

Terry, when you see this... good job mate!


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