Saturday, May 17, 2008

Book Review: JB BoBo's Modern Coin Magic and the French Drop

Reviewed: Modern Coin Magic
by JB Bobo - 1982 - 386 pages

If you ever buy a book on coin magic– this is the one to put on the shelf AND used. Not only does it contain some of the best coin routines, but it also uses magician lingo. And coin magic lessons. I can't stress how important it is to learn the lingo early on. A lot of magic tricks you'll buy throughout your lifetime will have our "special words" without explanations.
Words like:
•French Drop
•Double Lift
•The Pass
•Muscle Pass

Some of these have nothing to do with coin magic, but if you have NO IDEA on what these words are above, Modern Coin Magic should be BOOK #1 on your shelf. The Tarbel Course on Magic should be your book SET on the shelf. Buy one book a month.

Back to Bobo...
I can't stress how important The French Drop is. Once mastered with coins, you can begin using it with silks, balls, rocks, cigarettes, cigars, cards, etc.
Don't try it with a bowling ball though... save that one for this guy:
(parents: This is from a German TV show, so Jonathan's a little more tame. There's a lot of YouTube uploads with a LOT of BLUE dialog, so you may want to preview his acts)

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