Sunday, June 29, 2008

Magic Tricks and Spring Cleaning

Hope your summer is into full swing. Mine is just starting with the warm weather FINALLY hitting Seattle (90 today). OK, HOT weather.

I finally had the opportunity to pull out my old cardboard boxes and re-organize my magic into nice plastic boxes that seal on top.

That's definitely the way to go. No moisture damage, or accidental "crushes" from storage stacking mishaps.

I found a 'real old' illusion. Blackstone Jr performed it live on Merv Griffin. It involved a tray, some wooden colored balls, and a shotglass (I'll have to describe it in detail in another post).John Carswell, who worked for Blackstone Sr. made it for me. John was a awesome guy. He was in charge of care-taking and patching up Sr's show when they were on the road.

John continued to make magic gear and illusions until he passed away a few years ago. I didn't attend the broken wand ceremony because, well, I don't like funerals. My very first funeral I can remember was an open casket (note to parents: don't EVER take your 8 yr old to an open casket funeral).

So, John's illusion is magnificent - but made with the eyes and hands of an 84 year old. I have fond memories of him. I am going to have the props re-tooled and brought back into the magic fold this winter, so be on the lookout for the grandest of all parlour magic illusions.

Amazing what a Spring Cleaning can do...

More to come...

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